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I want to spend peaceful days, but I don't know when or what will happen in my life. Moreover, the trouble suddenly occurs. There is no possibility that you will get caught up in the trouble of your life changing from heaven to earth.

Therefore, if you anticipate what to do if a problem occurs in advance, your heart will be very strong in an emergency. Especially, there are many money troubles. Even if you don't have a gambling or a loan, it's easy to find yourself caught up in money trouble.

A serious person falls into unpaid home loans. Even if you buy a long-awaited home, your house will be seized if you are dismissed from your company and you cannot afford your loan. Furthermore, if left unchecked, the mortgage will enter and the house will be sold. Mortgages are in a state where it is not possible to determine the price of a house, so if you sell voluntarily before that happens, you can get to the situation where your desired selling price is easier to get.

At that time, a strong ally is a legal professional. If you try to do everything yourself, it will be very painful both physically and mentally. Do not overdo it and let the professionals do things smoothly. Losing a home is very painful, but if you sell it, it is a voluntary sale. And discover the best slack channels online here.


New CD: "a Live in you" on sale now!

He's there! Our third CD, and first live CD!

Order it now through our record company Ecovata .

- Click there on "Publisher"
- Then click on "Webshop".
- Click on CD 'aLive in you', or search for "Inside Out" at the top.

The CD is delivered (from) 29oct

Sing along with Inside Out?

We are expanding our membership now!

Are you talented, young (up to about 30yrs),
passionate, crazy about modern blackgospel and have you always wanted to further develop your singing talent in a great
semi-professional singing group?
..or maybe you know someone who wants to?

Hey, nice! Send us an email right away: 

┬╗We are currently looking forward to Sopranos and Tenors!

Inside Out singers do well in IDOLS

After Leon, Miranda, Nigel (ex), and Charlene in the semifinals, Nikki was now in the IDOLS final ........

.... AND NIKKI WON !! Blessed!

Inside Out performs in IDOLS Finale

During the IDOLS Finale, Saturday evening March 1, we will perform a song together with our Nikki. Good luck Nikki!

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